Earth2 – Bitcoin GOLD v1.14 APK for Android download

best mining crypto of the world! Make money!! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
πŸ’° UPGRADE and BUY – way max your profit!
The goal of the game is to build and expand your EMPIRE! discover up new devices for mining Bitcoin on the Earth. Use you best choices to open up new miner devices and grow your mining Earth. Upgrade all the improvements to grow your cryptocurrency business profit.
Completely FREE Download
Affiliate Program
Refer your friends after play up, and get 50% of whatever they win in every time they play.
Earth2 bitcoin gold is the best mining crypto of the world, just make you billionaire!!!
πŸ’°DOMINATE the bitcoin Earth2 GOLD, unlock bigger workspaces for your mining operation and make unfathomable amounts of money on them, too!
πŸ’° UPGRADE AND LEVEL UP – way to max your profit!
Want to earn faster while you click? Just buy bigger BTC multipliers.
Want to earn more bitcoins along with clicks? Buy investments such as stocks, gold , factories, slot machines and more!
Do you have what it takes to be a tycoon? Well let’s see!
**Disclaimer: This is not a mining or investment app! All crypto currencies in the game are virtual, all transactions and mining within the game have nothing to do with real mining of cryptocurrencies, trading or investing. This is a simulation game made for your fun and enjoyment, for any questions feel free to contact us!
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Download XAPK(13.3MB)

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