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Proudly rated as one of the best apps to learn the Telugu language!

Learn Telugu
Quickly is one of the easiest and fastest ways to learn Telugu fast and effectively. This language learning app will not only help you learn Telugu grammar but also will enable you to learn Telugu quickly. It has great content and is very easy to use. It is the best answer to questions on how to speak Telugu fluently.

Learn Telugu Quickly can also work as a travel app when you visit India. It can be your own travel guide with the most frequently used phrases and words on tour to India.

Still wondering how to learn the Telugu language? Wait no more! Learn Telugu through English with our free language translator app. Learn to speak Telugu today!

You want a handbook of essential phrases, sentences!
You want to speak Telugu Learn Telugu

– Alphabet with 2000 commonly-used Telugu

phrases and vocabularies for travelers and beginners in 18 categories. This application is localized in 19 different languages.

+ Alphabet
+ Greetings
+ Expressions
+ Numbers
+ Accommodation
+ Travel
+ Calendar
+ Shopping
+ Work
+ Food
+ Kitchen
+ Fruits
+ Vegetables
+ Spices
+ Grocery
+ Colours
+ Household
+ Romance
+ Body
+ Time
+ Health
+ Feelings
+ Friendship
+ General
+ Conversation
+ Relations
+ Directions
+ Driving
+ Weather
+ Animals
+ Sports
+ Study

Languages :

-> English
-> Tamil
-> Punjabi
-> Urdu
-> Hindi
-> Gujarati
-> Kannada
-> Malayalam
-> Telugu
-> Bengali
-> Marathi
-> Bhojpuri
-> Spanish
-> French
-> German
-> Chinese Simplified
-> Chinese Traditional
-> Japanese
-> Portuguese

Native Pronunciation to help you speak Telugu

▶ Meaning: Phrases are easier to remember because they have meaning, they paint a picture, they tell a story. 
▶ Speed: When you learn phrases instead of a word, you’re learning how to use that word correctly, and it’s much faster. When we’re children, we learn with phrases, groups of words, not just one word by one word by one word. Word by word is slow. 
▶ Pronunciation: In real life, some groups of words are said as though it were a single word, in one breath-group, without pausing. If you stop to take a breath in the middle of the phrase, you are not saying it correctly, and you risk being misunderstood.

If you wish to learn to talk in Telugu for free, then look no more. Learn Telugu Quickly is a quick and handy tool for beginners and for serious language learners alike.

Download APK(27MB)

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